“… someone it will pay to follow closely” – Sydney Morning Herald

Julia Johnson is an Australian singer, songwriter producer and multi instrumentalist. Born in Canberra, she currently lives in Sydney.

Her voice has been compared to Florence Welch, Joni Mitchell and even a ‘treacherous mountain river’. Johnson’s songs evoke striking echoes of love and loss, at once ruthlessly intimate, and universal. On stage, Johnson’s warm presence and unpredictable banter usher you in to her folk-tinged musical universe, where she brandishes antique folk instruments with exceptional and unusual technique. 

The three singles she has released each represent a new height of openness and sheer quality in her song writing.

Exploding the traditional live-band arrangements of her early releases under Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens, her new direction represents the sound of a master creative patiently assembling the exact sonic tools to communicate a nakedly personal story clearly and directly. In short, it fulfils the promise that has always been inherent in Johnson’s work.

“Love the playful guitar plucking and that lilt of Julia’s voice” – Zan Rowe, TripleJ

“Bat For Lashes reimagined as the soundtrack to the next party you throw in an opulent baroque chateau.” – Dom Alessio, TripleJ

Julia is a TripleJ Unearthed awarded songwriter who has supported iconic Australian artists including Courtney Barnett, Tim Rogers, Jen Cloher, Bob Evans, and Pete Murray as well as performing at folk and contemporary music festivals such as National Folk Festival and Groovin The Moo.

“Johnson’s voice mirrors the slow but treacherous current of a mountain river” – Ron Cerabona, The Canberra Times

“This confidently straddles the lines between slightly folk-tinged, rustic sounds and a bright-eyed pop sensibility, with good lyrics to boot.” Al Newstead, TripleJ